1.     “Why would someone choose to work with CYCLE for management of overdue collections?”

The highly trained people, our advanced technology and state-of-the-art systems ensure high efficiency at competitive pricing, for our customers. We safeguard worthy representation of our customers brand name, preserving valuable customer relationships and developing personalized and customized solutions with certified processes across the range of our activities.

2.    “We also know that people who work in call centers are mostly students or people working in a part time mode. What level of education does your respective colleagues, have?”

A specialized team chooses our personnel with very strict criteria. All our people are full-time permanent contract employees from the commencement of cooperation with our Company, and a great part of them has a university degree or at least a high school degree. We also give special emphasis on their continuing education by focusing on the specific skills of each one, so as to work on projects that fit them best.

3.    “Which is the mode under which you will interact with the clients- debtors?”

We recognize the debtor - client as a unique and separate entity. We stive to understand the reasons for the outstanding debt. We don’t impose our views on the debtor – client but we just recommend solutions always according to your commercial and credit policy. We don’t use words / expressions, which negatively affect the debtor’s psychology. We use "positive" language and reliable expressions and words during the communications. We are willing to serve your client-debtor and give him all the necessary details. We listen to him carefully and give him the time to respond without interrupting him or talking simultaneously.

4.    “How does Cycle manages an active portfolio (with a delay). How could you assure me that after your involvement in managing the account, the client relationship between me and my client will remain intact, so that we can continue our cooperation?”

We create with the client - partner the appropriate work flow (debt collection strategy), based on his commercial and credit policy, we design communication scripts that fit to the specific features of its customer base profile and start managing the portfolio only when our client has informed their customers (by mail, letter or even on the invoice) for the mediation of CYCLE. It is absolutely certain that with our mediation the relationships equilibrium will be maintained and that the customers will be freed from the difficult task of debt collection, enabled to focus on the creative work of promoting its products.

B2C market

“During operation of the company, have you managed a portfolio (debt purchasing) that comes from portfolio acquisitions?”

In the seventeen years of CYCLE’s successful operation, we have cooperated with Funds that have acquired large portfolios in revenue size and in number of debtors in Greece. As a direct result we have gained extensive and valuable experience in managing such diverse projects. Although the crisis we faced and still encounter in Greece continues fiercely, the results progress is immensely satisfactory, leaving no room ever for any mismanagement issues or other problem generation, with the debtors.

B2B market

1.    “Our company has a fairly organized Credit Dpt., but unfortunately, due to business overload, we can’t afford sufficient time to deal with  a small part of our clientele having small debts, thus requiring  extra effort in collecting them. Does Cycle, undertake such clienteles?”

We manage any volume of accounts, of any amount. Especially for small balances, which persist in the portfolios of companies, we are especially effective in a short time and which mostly create large and irrecoverable bad debt because it is not profitable to their legal claim.

2.    “We are operating under a quite structured Commercial & Credit Policies. How CYCLE, will manage to deploy them successfully, upon our customer base?

The approach in communication with debtors is always delivered with complete respect and dedication to the Commercial and Credit policies of customer-collaborators, for which we require detailed training. Possible diversion in favor of the business effect is only realized with the approval of our client-partner.

3.    “Since the administration method that CYCLE employs in approaching our debtors by telephone, is similar to that followed by our company, what is the Added Value that your company delivers?”

Cycles’ in depth knowledge of Receivable Collections processes, vast project experience and proprietary methodology in professionally managing Bad Debts clientele, add unique competitive advantage to collaborating companies. Moreover, our consistency in adhering upon the customers policies and the close monitoring of debt we deliver, adds unique value to our co-operations. All cases, regardless of amount to be collected, shall enjoy the same methodology and professional engagement by our team, so that all the Collection mechanism (small or large balances) moves exactly under the credit policy set by our partner.

4.    Which is CYCLE preferred clientele?

We target our services to Medium and Large sized companies (B2B) as well as to Individuals (B2C), in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Cyprus.

About us

  • Cycle Credit (100% subsidiary of ICAP Outsourcing Solutions) has 25 years of service and is the largest company operating in Receivables Management in Greece. It is also considered as a key player in the Southeastern Europe with active presence in 3 countries.




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